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Watch the trailer for the new David Fincher essay series on cinema

One of the contemporary masters of psychological thrillers, David Fincher is known for modern masterpieces such as Fight Club and The Social Network, among many others. His movies have had an incredible impact on the newer generation of aspiring filmmakers who have absorbed the unique visual grammar of his works and have tried their best to replicate it in their own projects.

In recent years, Fincher has been partnered up with Netflix for a wide variety of projects. Ranging from extremely popular shows such as Mindhunter and Love, Death & Robots to highly anticipated feature films like last year’s Mank, Fincher has actively worked with the streaming platform. and has moulded his own vision to suit the demands of the future.

While talking about Netflix, Fincher said: “First of all, I never got a call from Netflix saying, ‘Hey, how would you like to be involved in a paradigm shift?’ That didn’t happen. But I was interested in longer-form storytelling, and it probably started with watching the cold embrace of a mass audience to Zodiac. I’d thought, ‘Well, two hours and 45 minutes isn’t that long.’ But apparently it was. Just getting people to come to the theatres for a movie that long proved to be a bridge too far.”

Adding, “For the most part, people who are spending 15 bucks to see a movie, they want something that’s shaped like an arrow and travelling as quickly as possible to its intended destination. The notion of a narrative in which you’re three hours in and something happens that’s going to cause you to completely reassess what you thought of one of the lead characters? That’s interesting.”

Fincher’s latest Netflix project is called Voir and it is going to be a series of video essays on the subject of cinema, ranging from critical analyses to personal connections with cinematic masterpieces. Some big names in the film criticism world are attached to the project, including the likes of Tony Zhou, Walter Chaw and Drew McWeeny among others.

Drew McWeeny took to Twitter to express his excitement about the project, claiming: “So many good folks involved. I’m pleased to be part of the group, and I hope people watch so we can make dozens and dozens more.” McWeeny also wrote: “The whole thing’s great and very exciting. A place just to talk movies in as much depth as we want? Heaven.”

Voir is set to have its release on the streaming platform next month, with a working release date of December 6. Watch the new trailer below.