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Top 20 most beautiful countries in the world revealed

Planning your summer holidays, you may not have to go so far away this year. Rough Guide have released their 20 ’Most Beautiful Countries in the World’ list for 2019 and the winner is quite surprising.

Deciding where to go on holiday can be a chore these days, with Instagram, Facebook and other social networks showing you all the beauty the world has to offer. Rough Guides’ list has been taken from a public vote and is a starting point for inspiration for those of you who are lacking in ideas or, the lucky few, have been everywhere.

Close to home, the guide praises Wales with “beaches that could rival the Mediterranean (on sunny days at least), plus a slew of historic castles, mountains to climb, coast paths to walk, and of course, buttered W to eat, there’s a host of entertaining ways to spend your days.”

Discussing Ireland, the guide stated “green fields and moss-covered walls that seem impossibly vibrant, quiet lakes and hilltop walks that will clear the cobwebs from the foggiest mind.”

Unsurprisingly, Italy, Iceland, and Canada made the top ten, with their range of nature, culture and foods adding to their endless positivities. What was a pleasant surprise—for us Brits of course— is that this year’s first-place spot which goes to The guide spoke about how its “thousands of years of history, more delicious whisky than you could taste in a lifetime and excellent golfing, hiking, and biking trails and you’ve got a very special place indeed.” We definitely agree with the whisky choices. It also says “who can deny that the wild beaches, deep lochs and craggy castles are some of the most wonderful and beautiful sights in the world?”

For your viewing pleasure see the top 20 below:

  1. Scotland
  2. Canada
  3. New Zealand
  4. Italy
  5. South Africa
  6. Indonesia
  7. England
  8. Iceland
  9. USA
  10. Wales
  11. Slovenia
  12. Mexico
  13. India
  14. Finland
  15. Switzerland
  16. Peru
  17. Norway
  18. Ireland
  19. Croatia
  20. Vietnam