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Exploring the winter hill of Scotland through photographer Fran Mart

The latest winter images from photographer Fran Mart are a great inspiration for anyone planning a trip to Scotland. Originally from Andalucia, Spain, Mart decided to leave the warm climate of Spain and embark on a journey to through Scotland. Inspired by the rugged landscape, his move to Edinburgh has proved fruitful as his stills show the colours and landscapes this country has to offer.

Speaking to Lonely Planet, Mart said: “The first time I ever visited Scotland, I felt like I was driving through rain clouds with wind so strong I could hardly get out of the car. It made me feel so alive, and I remember promising myself that I would come back and see what lay behind that curtain of mist.”

He continued: “By the end of the year, I was living in Scotland. I always get asked why I would leave Andalucía to live somewhere cold and damp, but for me, that’s exactly what I find so appealing. There’s something about the intensity of the weather, the changing seasons and shifting light that resonates with me.”

Mart couldn’t hold back his love for the various different Scottish locations now available to him. When describing his favourite places to shoot he said: “If you’re anywhere in the Highlands and willing to go off the beaten track, exploring narrow lanes and seemingly dead-end tracks, you’ll be rewarded with something special.

“Though it’s not all about the Highlands. I love the coastline of East Lothian with its windswept dunes and the peaceful calm of the Scottish Borders, where I now live.”

Images include a lot of natural wildlife such as flocks of birds, a majestic stag as well as grand landscape images of the traditional highlands. Here’s an example of his work:

To view more of Mart’s work, visit his website here.