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(Credit: Steve Dietl / Netflix)


Tom Pelphrey joins new Harvey Weinstein investigation film

In October of 2017, several women came forward and told their respective horror stories about the crimes committed by Harvey Weinstein. These personal accounts helped the ‘Me Too’ movement gain momentum and enabled several survivors from all over the world to tell their personal stories as well.

Even though almost 80 women have made allegations over the span of several decades, Weinstein recently pled “not guilty” to all charges and maintained that the claims “are baseless, they are from long, long ago, they are uncorroborated.” Weinstein’s actions were known by almost everyone in the film industry, including Quentin Tarantino who admitted that he should have “done more” since this was “known by everybody.”

A new film revolving around the Harvey Weinstein investigations is in the works. Titled She Said, the new project is going to be directed by Maria Schrader and will be based on the book by The New York Times journalists who broke the story. It will focus on the splendid investigative journalism that contributed to the takedown of a despicable Hollywood mogul.

Some top actors are already attached to the project, including the likes of Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan. The star of the popular Netflix series Ozark, Tom Pelphrey, has also joined Kazan and Mulligan and will play the role of Jim Rutman. The screenplay for She Said has been handled by the Academy-Award winning writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

Maria Schrader has been in the news lately due to her latest sci-fi film I’m Your Man which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. It stars Dan Stevens as a manufactured robot who takes on the performative role of a lover/placebo for a lonely woman. The film raises relevant questions about post-humanism and blurs the distinctions between artificiality and reality.

In an interview, Schrader explained: “We’re used to growing up where women are more objectified than men.  It’s great fun to add narratives or visuals which we are not so used to seeing.  

“It was already fun writing (the script) and playing with male and female perception. Seeing it in front of me was when I realised that we aren’t used to that.”