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(Credit: Raph PH)


Tom Morello, Nandi Bushell, and Julien Baker team up with Afghan charity to release 'God Help Us All'


Nandi Bushell, Tom Morello, and Julien Baker have united with an Afghan charity to release the new single ‘God Help Us All’. The release is in partnership with The Miraculous Love Kids, a non-profit organisation that offers music classes to young girls in Afghanistan.

When the Taliban took control of the Afghan government six months ago, the organisation’s program was forcibly shut down. This new cover of Morello’s Nightwatchman song seeks to raise awareness of the impact of the Taliban’s re-emergence on the livelihoods of Afghanistan’s young female population.

Speaking about the new single, the founder and director of Miraculous Love Kids, Lanny Cordola, said: “It has been a hellish past six months trying to evacuate and relocate the girls and their families. “Tom Morello’s soul hymn perfectly encapsulates this feeling,” adding: “The convergence of all these talents truly shows how music can unify artists from different idioms and cultures to lend their voices to the vulnerable, marginalised suffering souls of the Earth.”

He continued: “I also feel this song reaches out to the inner ache that so many are feeling these days. Tom has been a Godsend to the girls and I on so many levels. He allowed us to rearrange his composition to fit the girls’ style of singing and playing, which was very generous of him. He also enlisted Serj Tankian and Nandi Bushell.”

Morello went on to add: “‘God Help Us All’ is a song both for and with some very special girls in Afghanistan who are in grave danger. Prior to the Taliban takeover, ‘Girl With A Guitar’ took in street orphans and other girls in Afghanistan that have endured significant trauma and used music as a rehabilitation tool and means of working through their problems, their histories, and their hopes. I’ve had the honour of collaborating with these wonderful kids.”

The Rage Against The Machine guitarist highlighted his concern, noting: “Since the Taliban takeover, their school has been destroyed and the girls are in hiding as they are at extreme risk. This song, which features their beautiful playing and brave voices, is a prayer to the heavens and an appeal to the world to save them and all those suffering from poverty, danger and injustice.”

‘God Save Us All’ was produced by Lanny Cordola and Sarmad Ghafoor. You can check it out below.