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Tom A. Smith continues bright future with ‘Never Good Enough’

Tom A. Smith - 'Never Good Enough'

The next big songwriter seems like a misnomer when it comes to Tom A. Smith considering the bombastic career the young man has had so far. Furthermore, if that promise seems like a hefty weight to heap on his young shoulder, then I can assure you the load lands on him as though pressure is purely a word resigned for tires.

His new track, ‘Never Good Enough’, carries that seamless swagger with a breezy air offering up a chorus that renders itself the sort of earworm that weaves its way into the hum of your day like a cartoon wiggler through an apple. The Sunderland teenager certainly knows his way around a hook. 

The intonation of his singing voice offers up an instrument of its own, providing a melodic topline that sits on top of the riff like the pairing of a Thermos flask and Sunday’s frozen pitch. With regional echoes in the lyrics, there is also a sincerity to the songwriting that seems very personal and refreshing. 

Naturally, there is a youthful vibe to the track. Thus, it seemed almost incorrect for me to review it without a youthful voice in the frame, so, with that in mind, I passed it on to a young cousin and she provided the sort of fanfare that every young artist looking to make a connection with an audience requires.

Part of the reason for the success, beyond what my cousin eagerly recognises, is that Smith has worked his way towards having some top pedigree behind the track. “’Never Good Enough’ was our final pick when we were deciding which songs to record and wasn’t thought of as a potential single. As soon as it went into the studio it became this monster especially when the saxophone appeared on it. So grateful to Alex from Fat White Family for recreating my vision on the Sax. It’s arguably my favourite song now,” Smith explains. 

The future is very bright for Smith and ‘Never Good Enough’ is a display of the diversity that his back catalogue will exhibit going forward. You can check out the track below. 

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