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Tobey Maguire to play Charlie Chaplin in new movie 'Babylon'


Recognised as one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2022, Babylon by Damien Chazelle was revealed to an exclusive audience at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, with the movie following the golden age of Hollywood featuring Tobey Maguire as the silent superstar Charlie Chaplin. 

An almost-certain Oscar contender for the 2023 ceremony, Chazelle was let down by the Academy in 2017 after one of their all-time biggest slip-ups, announcing La La Land as the recipient of Best Picture only to reveal the actual winner was Moonlight. Almost as if he’d engineered his new film for the Academy Awards, Babylon follows a currently unknown story set in Hollywood, starring Brad Pitt, Tobey Maguire and Margot Robbie.

If you had all the money in the world to create an Oscar contender, chances are it would look a lot like Damien Chazelle’s Babylon, particularly with Maguire taking the role of the Hollywood darling, Chaplin

Considered something of a mix between Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino and the influential tale The Great Gatsby, the new film will follow how showbiz transitioned from the silent era to the talkies. In a report from Variety, Pitt exclaims in the trailer, “You know what we have to do… we have to redefine the form,” to which Margot Robbie’s character responds, “You don’t become a star. You either are one… or you ain’t”. 

Despite several roles in the film being unknown, it has been confirmed that the likes of Olivia Wilde, Spike Jonze, Flea, Katherine Waterston, Max Minghella, Diego Calva, Samara Weaving, Rory Scovel and Lukas Haas will join Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Tobey Maguire in the ensemble cast. 

Whilst we wait for the brand new footage, take a look at the trailer for La La Land, below, a film that was so close, yet so far, from taking home the Best Picture statuette.