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‘Tinfoil Deathstar’ video released by Fat White Family

The purveyors of the putrid of the human condition; Fat White Family, continue to make us wretch with their latest video for the newly released ‘Tinfoil Deathstar’. Splicing war rallies, the destruction of the human race and the disfigurement of their frontman, they create a pretty picture. Well, not ‘pretty’ per se.

With the first notes comes the image of a militaristic rally, a theme which continues throughout the video and rears its head at opportune moments between the disconcerting visuals of front man Lias. Lias’ skin is brunt, melted and genuinely untouchable. That is until it is probe and pulled by hands unconcerned with their menacing grasp.

The video is another reminder of the twisted brains of the band. A subversive cult of anti-establishment which marries the mood of the track to the unnerving video.

It’s bloody brilliant.