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Timothée Chalamet used to sell modded Xbox controllers on YouTube

Timothée Chalamet has been experiencing a meteoric rise to the very top of his field, having recently appeared in the films of two of the greatest directors of our time, Denis Villeneuve and Wes Anderson. He is set to star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in another highly anticipated project which comes out later this year, a sci-fi comedy called Don’t Look Up which has been directed by Adam McKay.

In a recent interview, Chalamet revealed how much it meant for him to work with Villeneuve and learn from someone as intellectually versatile as the filmmaker: “To get to work with Denis on it, to get to work with someone of his calibre, let alone on a book that he considers the book of his youth and one of the things he has connected to the most,” he said, adding: “When he would have it in his hands on set, his body language would become that of a fan; of a kid who had fallen in love with the book at home in Montreal.”

The young actor also commented on dealing with the immense pressure at such a young age and using it to improve his performance: “I got attached [to the role in Dune] a couple of months after that, and it was nerve-wracking from the announcement, because like I said before, the fans of the book, and the fans of David Lynch version, the computer game, and everything, there’s so much love and strength of feeling.”

Since 2018, many fans have been exploring the online traces of Chalamet’s early years and have uncovered a wide variety of things – ranging from his theatrical performances to quirky rap videos. One particularly engaging mystery about Chalamet’s past has revolved around a highly unlikely connection involving a YouTube channel called ModdedController360. The channel only has three videos which showcase modded Xbox controllers for sale.

Although Vice launched a detailed investigation into the ownership of the channel and discovered that Chalamet might just be the one responsible, the actor recently admitted that it was actually him. In an interview with Zendaya, Chalamet confirmed that ModdedController360 was his channel which he used to sell modified controllers for Xbox 360.

According to the actor, he sold each controller for $10 and made a total of $30 but the spray painting angered his parents because he always made a mess in the process. Check out the clip from the interview below.