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(Credit: Tim Burgess)


Tim Burgess discusses the "shitstorm" Brexit has created in the music industry


In an exclusive interview with Far Out, The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess has opened up about the harsh reality of Brexit on the music industry, which is particularly hurting less-established artists.

Our full interview with the Britpop icon is arriving in the coming days. One common theme throughout the discussion is the singer’s tendency to use his platform for good — whether this is through opening up his audience to unsigned acts, highlighting unjust areas of the industry, or cultivating a community of like-minded musos with his listening parties.

Over the last few years, Burgess has been vocal on the situation of Brexit and its debilitating effect on the wider music business. While The Charlatans are an established act that will survive small bumps in the road, Burgess isn’t speaking for himself, it is for those who might be prevented from one day being in a similar fortunate position to his group. Speaking anecdotally, the musician added: “My friend Kiko is an Italian van driver who lived in London. he used to pick up bands, and take them across the border, to go to France, and then drive through Italy, and into Germany, and all that.”

Burgess continued: “A band without a record deal would be able to do a tour, it would have to be economically, but they’d be able to do it. I think all that is not going to really be possible now.”

Of course, looking at the wider picture, it is not just touring and emerging artists that have been hurt by the Brexit deal, which neglects the exportation of culture, but the manufacturing of records has also taken a dire hit. “There’s a massive waiting list of vinyl now, and Brexit on top of all the other problems just makes it a little bit more difficult,” Burgess continued. “The reality is what I was expecting. I thought if it was to go through, then it’s going to be a shitstorm, and it is.”

Return to Far Out over the next few days to read our entire ‘Far Out Meets’ article with Tim Burgess and also get the low-down on his upcoming solo album.