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Credit: Paul Hudson

Thurston Moore covers New Order's brilliant 'Leave Me Alone'

Former Sonic Youthman Thurston Moore has shared a brand new take on New Order’s beautifully appointed track ‘Leave Me Alone’. It was even recorded in Salford, the band’s natural home. It had to be our Track of the Day.

Along with the location, Moore recorded the track with a bunch of Manchester-based musicians to pay homage to the band’s beginnings. The track will feature as a b-side to three new 7″ singles.

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The recordings come out on November 8th and are all part of Moore’s latest project with Eva Prinz called Daydream Library Series. The A-side of the singles will be moments taken from the Thurston Moore Group’s live sets from 2019.

“Salford is the only place I would dare cover a New Order song, with local musicians and local pints,” Thurston Moore told Christian Eede in a wonderful new interview for The Quietus. “It was just one of those rare occasions, where something I wouldn’t normally do was done just for fun, and in homage and respect to the place.”

Listen below to the beautiful cover.