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Thom Yorke's regret at rejecting Brad Pitt for a classic film soundtrack

Recently, Quentin Tarantino was full of praise for his leading man, Brad Pitt. “I noticed it when we were doing Inglorious Basterds,” the director recalled. “When Brad was in the shot, I didn’t feel like I was looking through the viewfinder of the camera. I felt like I was watching a movie. Just his presence in the four walls of the frame created that impression.”

The Pulp Fiction director went on to name Pitt “one of the last remaining big-screen movie stars,” alongside Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Steve McQueen. “He suggests an older-style movie star,” Tarantino continued. “It’s just a different breed of man. And frankly, I don’t think you can describe exactly what that is because it’s like describing starshine,” he concluded. 

However, beyond the gloss of stardom which he carries like a prototype of the perfect movie star, there is a depth of emotion which is reflected in his music tastes. “What is so important about Radiohead is that they are the [Franz] Kafka and the [Samuel] Beckett of our generation,” the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star told Rolling Stone regarding the literary ways of one of his favourite bands.

Pitt then glowingly added: “Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead are precisely that. What comes out in them I don’t think is anything they could actually articulate, but I would certainly say that it’s that which we all know is true somewhere when we’re in our deepest sleep. That is their importance.”

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Thus, they were a fitting band to soundtrack a film that follows the weird, obfuscated world of sleep, or lack thereof. Back when Fight Club was in the works ahead of its ground-breaking 1999 release, Pitt and his co-star Edward Norton urged Yorke to provide the soundtrack for the film. 

“Things sort of come into my office, but they haven’t really got to me,” Yorke told BBC 6 Music about past soundtrack offers. “The one I remember is one from years ago after we’d finished OK Computer and I was completely gaga. They asked me to do Fight Club. They sent me the script and Ed and Brad Pitt wrote to me and said ‘We really think you should do this’. I went ‘Nah, I can’t’. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have been able to do it then, but every time I see the film I go ‘Oh’,” he regretfully stated.

The star has since gone on to work with Norton on Motherless in Brooklyn recently and graced the silver screen with his singular sounds on films like Suspiria and Children of Men. However, the star passed up on Fight Club because of the pressure that such a project entailed and we are left wondering what if, as is he. 

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