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Thee MVPs drop 11 track wonder


We’ve been following Thee MVPs for a while now and every time they release a track we have sobbed with joy at their incredulous ability to make us want to either a) dance like a yob or b) behave like a yob in a mob and shut the place down.

You will see our excitement then when we saw the 11 track collection of old and new tracks hit our ears.

It’s full of all the fun and frolics that you’d expect from the London based band with old tracks like ‘Edgar’ showing you how to move your feet and the newer songs still hitting the same buttons with fuck off big hammer. With ‘Woman is a Danger Cat’ and ‘US Airways’ particular frenetic favourites.

We won’t bore you with the comparisons to other garage rock outfits, though if you’re asking (and we’re assuming you are) The Black Keys would be obvious comrades.

Thanks to the masters PNKSLM and Lollipop Records we can now have a deep breath of bong smoke fury from the boys – it’s enough to make your weekend wet with excitement. Then add to this the promise of one of the best parties of the year tomorrow and there’s a whole lot of fun going around the office.

Lace up your dancing shoes, put on a smile and await a bottle rocket of garage rock ‘n’ roll fired directly up your japs-eye. Ladies and gents, it’s Thee MVPS 

Check it out here via Punktastic