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Thee MVPs - Edgar


Thee MVPs long time Far Out Favourites and general miscreants have unleashed another ramshackle dose of garage rock to infiltrate your working week. ‘Edgar’ is that latest stinking and wild dose via PNKSLM Records and our Track of the Day.

The band’s infectious sound is coupled with their incredible likability which is shown in the video as it documents some shows in Barcelona and the band get to prove that they’re as real as the riffs. Riffs which are intrinsic to Thee MVPs’ energy, ever gaining momentum and always pushing the rhythm to near breaking point.

It is this exhausting and ballistic temperament which endears them so softly to the hearts of the haggard and heedless and one of many reasons ‘Edgar’ is our Track of the Day.

‘Edgar’ is all frenetic ferocity, it jumps up and down like a ADHD kid with a pneumatic drill and never stops until it hits oil. Well yippee, call the Texans, we’ve got black gold!

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