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The xx's Romy Madley-Croft shares new remixes of her single 'Lifetime'

Romy Madley-Croft, a founded member of The xx, has shared a brand new series of remixes of her previously released solo single ‘Lifetime’. The track arrived earlier this year and signified a big step forward for Madley-Croft.

Released in September, Madley-Croft has now given ‘Lifetime’ over to some esteemed producers, all of which have added their own special touch to the song, meaning the singer can now release a series of remixes to help end the year on the right note. Available today as a digital download, the remixes will also be available as a 12″ vinyl release in 2021.

The xx are a band synonymous with reinvention and collaboration, they simply wouldn’t have existed without either. Madley-Croft has stayed true to that ethos and invited some of her favourite artists to provide remixes of her recent release.

Recruiting Jayda G, Planningtorock, HAAi and Anz to provide the new spins on her song, Madley-Croft is proving she knows that the best music is made with an open mind. The remixes, eclectic as they are, all manage to keep the essence of the song at their centre.

Speaking about the new remixes, Madley-Croft told NME: “I’m so excited to share four remixes of ‘Lifetime’ from four of my favourite producers right now, thank you so much Jayda G, HAAi, Anz and Planningtorock, you are all so talented and inspiring, I am so grateful for these remixes.”

Madley-Croft continued: “When I was making the song I dreamt about being in a club, celebrating with my friends, you have each transported me back there in such different and unique ways, it’s amazing to hear! So excited for these to be out at last, dreaming of when we can be together listening to these in a club.”

Listen to the ‘Lifetime’ remixes, below.