The View From Far Out: SKATERS – Oslo, London


Sticky floors, beer drenched bar and a heaving, sweaty crowd could only mean one thing. We were in Hackney and SKATERS were tuning up to play. Having dropped an incredible EP we were excited to catch the cross-continental band in their natural habitat.

Skaters took to a packed house at Oslo in Hackney and we were first on the scene.

They started up with crowd favourites like ‘mental case’ before firing into new number ‘The Loner’ off the ‘Rock and Roll Bye Bye’ EP (which we reviewed yesterday).

The crowd gave it as good as the band and the place was strewn with empty beer cans and smiles just seconds after the NYC punks delivered hit after hit for 40 minutes.

It was so good we lost our words a bit and thought the best way to show you the carnage was through some expertly taken pictures.

Far Out photographer, Hannah Ellison (Basement Eleven), was in London to capture some of the finest moments of an evening with SKATERS: