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SKATERS change the tune with ‘Rock and Roll Bye Bye’ EP


The New York based band Skaters are slightly hard to pin down and on the first few notes of their new EP Rock and Roll Bye Bye you’d think they were about to make a follow-up to a Fresh Prince album but they opt for something a little darker, a little murkier and a whole lot better.

Billed as post-punk they actually encapsulate a whole heap of other genres but what they are is bloody good at guitar music. Managing to include sentiment in to a post-punk sound along with a punch that will have you choking on your teeth.

The title, and opening, track speaks of the former; holding a delicate riff and enchanting content it meanders like a summer evening. ‘Flip, Flip, Flip’ however puts on its largest rings and tries to knock your face in with its first punch of guitar.

‘#1 Record’ takes a hazier approach and hints at the dizzy heights of The Clash with jumping guitar hooks and a spaced vocal streams which beg for beers and sin in the sun. ‘The Loner’ is the lead track from SKATERS and it’s a thundering punk number with all the classic signs. A chuffing good chorus to shout, a slamming riff and it’s just under three minutes of unbridled, beer throwing fun. Poifeck.

As the somewhat schizophrenic and frenetic last song ‘Tourist Death March/Malibu Holiday’ comes in to effect, with a mid-way switch of sound which will leave you gasping, you get the feeling that although SKATERS may have their fingers in a lot of genre-pies (mmmm… my favourite kind of pie) they have their heads on straight.

The EP is a hint of past experiences and countless influences, a present day importance to the music scene and a bright, bright future. SKATERS may have just landed this one.