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(Credit: Far Out)


The ultimate Gemini season playlist


The astrological seasons are shifting once more, and while last time, I brought you the ultimate Taurus playlist, this month calls for the next in line—all my Geminis out there! With Far Out’s founders both Geminis, we know this playlist has got to be good.

Gemini season spans from May 21st through June 21st, and the Gemini personality coincides well with that late-spring, early-summer time of year. Geminis are fun, playful, creative, lively, and social. Known for their quick wit and passion, and their ability to experience duality—between introversion and extroversion, rest and rallying, and even between social settings.

Some famous Geminis include Princess Nokia (who wrote an entire song about the sign), Prince, Kanye West, Laverne Cox, Kendrick Lamar, Marilyn Monroe, and Tupac Shakur.

What exactly does this mean for the time of year? Gemini season is the time to embrace fun and creativity. Emerging from the comfort of Taurus season, you might feel the urge to go out, be social, kick up your heels, and even embrace a new project that excites you. Geminis and the Gemini season are all about energy and authenticity, which come across in the songs on the list.

Of course, including the Princess Nokia track was a must, but other bands like New Order and Smallpools capture the Gemini energy in their upbeat, melodic kaleidoscope of sound.

So, whether you’re looking for a playlist to get you in the mood for the season or you’re a Gemini yourself on the hunt for a playlist to match your personality, this playlist is for you.

The ultimate Gemini season playlist:

  • ‘Fall Underneath’ – Snakadaktal, Kilter
  • ‘Friendship’ – carwash
  • ‘Sea, Swallow Me’ – Cocteau Twins
  • ‘Gemini’ – Princess Nokia
  • ‘Transmission’ – Joy Division
  • ‘Only Angel’ – Harry Styles
  • ‘Freaks’ – Television Blonde
  • ‘Oblivion’ – Grimes
  • ‘Beautiful Soul’ – Katy J Pearson
  • ‘Mason Jar’ – Smallpools
  • ‘Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
  • ‘All Of Me’ – Tanlines
  • ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings’ – Father John Misty
  • ‘My Girls’ – Animal Collective
  • ‘Go Outside’ – Cults
  • ‘Sutphin Boulevard’ – Blood Orange
  • ‘Rill Rill’ – Sleigh Bells
  • ‘San Francisco’ – Foxygen
  • ‘Days’ – The Drums
  • ‘Everybody Wants to Love You’ – Japanese Breakfast