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The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas comments on scathing reviews of Roskilde performance

The Strokes have been making their live return at various festivals this summer, but their recent performance at Roskilde had some fans wishing that they had simply hung up their boots. 

At the festival on July 2nd, the band rattled through a brief 14-track set that was already nearly half an hour behind schedule, and a statuesque frontman in the form of Julian Casablancas didn’t do much to push proceeds along as he engaged in rambling banter. 

The erratic behaviour on display had many folks in attendance wondering whether the band had engaged in a few too many pre-show festivities. However, the frontman who has previously struggled with addictions denied the accusations. 

In a since-deleted Instagram post reported by Stereogum, the frontman wrote: “I’m not tuned into Twitter things enough to know what some confused fan thinks or pretends they know,” he wrote.

Adding: “But I’m fine… far as I know … people been asking me weiiird questionnns [sic] – ahh the dumb side of social media… Lame-Os running around so hard and free.”

Thus, he seemed to deny any accusations but didn’t really address the generalised criticism or comment on why he rattled off spiel about hating encores when the band were already half an hour late in taking to the stage. 

You can check out some of the uncharacteristic behaviour below, prior to a performance of ‘Last Night’.

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