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The Strokes are back and what have we got to say about that?


The Strokes announced this week that new music was on the way in the form of new EP Future Past Present and now we have an animated video for lead track ‘Drag Queen’. So the real question is, do we still need The Strokes?

‘No’ is an easy argument to make. Not only have the band’s albums been received with a steady decline of appreciation but the time they once represented is now far gone and a new age of music is upon us. However, based on this latest issue ‘Yes’ is becoming just as easy.

‘Drag Queen’ is not The Strokes that re-defined cool, it is not even the catchy pop of ‘Macchu Pichu’ for example, it resides somewhere a little purer. It is the band expressing themselves honestly and for that it should be respected. It has a New York edge that is undeniable a steady disco beat and a hum which befits any new-wave band worth their salt.

The EP will undoubtedly get mixed reviews. There will be naysayers and diehard fans. A curious mix of old and new. A delightful crucible of opinion. Fitting when the new work seems to be just that. A mix of the band’s honesty, their roots and their undeniable contribution to the new age that now wants to disown them.

Take a listen below and tell us what you think. We won’t get to decide though, The Strokes seemingly don’t care what the public think and we think that’s the best thing for them.