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(Credit: Stone Roses)

The Stone Roses have officially split up again

The Stone Roses guitarist John Squire has confirmed that the band have split up and have no plans to return to the stage together.

Squire, a founding member of the band alongside vocalist Ian Brown, bassist Mani and drummer Reni, have released two studio albums and six compilation records since forming amidst the Manchester music boom in 1989.

A difficult run in the late 1990s following the release of second album, Second Coming, in 1994 resulted in numerous line-up changes before officially dissolved the remains of the group in 1996 following their major appearance at Reading Festival.

Each member of the band moved in a different direction, working on numerous different creative projects before putting their heads back together in 2012 with a reunion homecoming performance in Heaton Park, Manchester. With momentum at their back, The Stone Roses released their first new material in two decades in 2016 and toured extensively after that.

Now, however, it has been three years of ominous silence from the band as speculation circulated that they’d called it quits again. Frontman Ian Brown has dropped hints but now Squire has confirmed the end in a new interview with The Guardian. When asked if he preferred to work alone, the quitrent replied: “Yeah, I find it very therapeutic. You’re not part of a committee, there is purity to that. But sometimes sharing the workload can be a rewarding experience.”

The question set up the nicely for what was to come. Journalist Sam Wollaston asked: “Is that really it for the Roses?,” in reference to their last liver performance in 2017. “Yeah.” Squire responded.

You can read the full interview with John Squire, here.