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The song Ringo Starr wants played at his funeral


Everyone has a favourite Beatle, and for some people, the answer is Ringo Starr. Not only was he a pivotal member of the Fab Four – despite battling against derogatory criticism for the majority of his time in the band – but Starr is also undoubtedly a great musician in his own right, and has proved so throughout his solo career.

While some people know him primarily as a drummer, Starr has earned his stripes as a singer-songwriter, proving on multiple occasions an ability for a catchy tune. Even during his time with The Beatles, Starr contributed his vocal ability on tracks such as ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, ‘Don’t Pass Me By’, ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’, and one of the most memorable Beatles numbers, ‘Octopus’s Garden’.

Ringo was one of the many famous faces that were interviewed for NME when they asked the question, “what song do you want played at your funeral?” and the former Beatle gave an intriguing answer. In response to the question, Ringo Starr said, “I don’t know what we’d have playing, so I’ll say this one because it’d be nice to have everyone singing along” in regards to ‘Octopus’s Garden’.

It’s actually an extremely sweet sentiment, especially given the song in question is such a fun and carefree one. Although some people might find it to be slightly egotistical in other circumstances for an artist to choose a song that they wrote themselves, Ringo Starr’s choice is a wholesome one on reflection, especially considering the criticism he has taken over the years.

What’s more, Starr wasn’t the only artist during the interview list to choose a Beatles song, with Ozzy Osbourne going with ‘A Day In the Life’. Detailing his choice, the former Black Sabbath man said: “I really need a few more years to think this over, but probably something from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band or Revolver. I definitely don’t want my fucking greatest hits album – I never ever play that thing, I’m fucking embarrassed about it. And I definitely don’t want a fucking happy song – I’m dead.”

It seems that The Beatles might just make for some popular funeral music, which isn’t an unheard of sentiment. However, it appears that the usual “funeral song” picks tend to be a bit more melancholy. Songs like ‘Blackbird’ come to mind when considering potential Beatles funeral tracks much more than ‘Octopus’s Garden’, but that’s what makes Ringo’s choice even more special.

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