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(Credit: Gary Williamson)


The Snuts share the poignant new song 'Somebody Loves You'

The Snuts - 'Somebody Loves You'

The Snuts have shared their poignant new single, ‘Somebody Loves You’.

The track itself is the band’s most heartfelt to date and is a touching left-turn that will raise a smile to your face unless you’ve got a heart made out of steel. ‘Somebody Loves You’ is a reminder to stop taking the small things in life for granted and enjoy each breath we take. It’s a song built on empathy; it isn’t the indie dancefloor filler that The Snuts have previously honed to a tee. It showcases their versatility once again which shines out of their forthcoming debut album, W.L, a project that is due to arrive on March 19th through Parlophone.

The visuals that accompany the track are equally powerful and showcase humanity’s positive side. The Snuts gave the whole budget provided by Parlophone for the video to the Scottish Refugee Council and asked a handful of people who have received support from the charity to film on their phones how the song makes them feel.

Speaking about the video, frontman Jack Cochrane said: “When our record label asked what we’d do if they gave us the full video budget, immediately we decided to use our platform to help bring attention to the Scottish Refugee Council here in Glasgow. The song for us is a universal message of love and compassion, and the work of this charity and others like it is something I am particularly inspired by.” He continued, “It is exactly this sense of an expanding and welcoming community spirit we hope to portray with this video.”

“Three simple words: ‘Somebody Loves You’, spray painted all across my city. It is a simple but powerful reminder,” Cochrane added about the track. “As the days disappeared into months, I noticed myself and everyone around me scrambling to stay in touch, to check up on each other.

“There was something really special about this to me. I don’t think anyone really saw that coming. It shouldn’t take a global pandemic to remind us how important the people we care about are, but I’m kind of glad it did.”

The pandemic has made everyone adjust their lives to some degree and sometimes focusing on the negative stuff and forgetting about the good things in life. ‘Somebody Loves You’ arrives as a timely reminder to appreciate these little things and to check in on those you love.