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Credit: Charlie Cummings


The Snuts share animated visuals for the energetic new song 'Don't Forget It (Punk)'


The Snuts have shared the animated visuals for their blistering new single ‘Don’t Forget It (Punk)’ and it arrives as Far Out’s Track of the Day.

The blistering two-minute-and-eighteen-seconds of pure unadulterated mayhem is a highlight from their most recent release, the diversely sounding Mixtape EP which found it’s way to the top of the UK Vinyl Charts as the band look set to be the next great export to come out of Scotland.

Speaking to Far Out Magazine earlier this year, frontman Jack Cochrane shed some light on the band’s creative process and, more poignantly, why he is a firm believer in mixing up their sound to ensure their music manages to be attention-grabbing in this never-ending conveyer belt of music that people have at their fingertips. Cochrane said: “It’s so hard to make a lasting impression with the way that people consume, even records like as a whole are completely deteriorating, less and less people are actually listening to the albums.”

Adding: “One thing that I’m focused on with the album is that every track is different from the last one, all following a sort of theme but making sure each track can be enjoyed on their own which is a demand of modern music.”

‘Don’t Forget It (Punk)’ sits side-by-side to the more sombre ‘Boardwalk’ on the latest release as well as indie floor filler ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ and the electronically influenced ‘Fatboy Slim’ — that shows The Snuts are no one-trick ponies and their potential knows no bounds if Mixtape EP is anything to go by.

The visuals for the new track is the second episode in Far Out’s new Facebook series ‘Emerging Sounds’ which was launched by Cassia last week, which puts a spotlight on to some of the most exciting new acts around who are the future of alternative music.

Watch the animated visuals for ‘Don’t Forget It (Punk)’, below.