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The Smile premiere new song 'Friend of a Friend' live


A few days ago, Radiohead offshoot The Smile began their European tour with a stop in Croatia. The show featured the songs from their wonderful debut LP A Light for Attracting Attention, but it also included some surprise material during the band’s encore.

That included a brand new song, ‘Friend of a Friend’. Thom Yorke told the audience that the song had only just been written that day, making them the first listeners of the newest of new music from The Smile. It’s unclear for how long The Smile is going to run now that their debut is out (and, seemingly, Yorke and Jonny Greenwood have to return to their dayjobs in Radiohead at some point), but if they plan on making a second record they have at least one song at the ready.

Two songs, actually. The band also played a song called ‘Just Eyes and Mouth’, which had been a part of The Smile’s live setlists since their live-streamed debut at the Glastonbury Festival’s ‘Live at Worth Farm’ back in 2021. ‘Just Eyes and Mouth’ didn’t wind up making the final cut for A Light for Attracting Attention, but the band remain fond enough of the song to continue performing it.

The Croatia concert encore also featured a performance of ‘Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses’, a song co-written by Yorke and Greenwood that was released as a stand-alone Yorke single back in 2009. Yorke and Greenwood had written the song during the Kid A-era of Radiohead, and that band had actually performed the song live once at a concert in Washington state back in 2001.

Since then, Yorke has played ‘Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses’ with his other side project Atoms for Peace and has performed the song solo on at least one occassion back in 2005. At The Smile’s May 17th concert in Austria, they once again performed these three songs during their encore, appearing to take the place of the previously played Joe Jackson cover ‘It’s Different for Girls’.

Check out both ‘Friend of a Friend’ and ‘Just Eyes and Mouth’ down below.