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Watch Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen duet on '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 provided several historic moments, an event that saw icons collide as both The Beatles and Bob Dylan were inducted into the famed exclusive club. The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was the person who was given the responsibility to induct The Beatles whereas Springsteen was given the job of inducting Dylan and, with them both in the same building, they thought why not duet on ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ which was a resounding delight.

While The Beatles were being added into the Hall of Fame in 1988, only George Harrison and Ringo Starr would turn up at the event which meant that after Springsteen and Jagger performed ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction), The Rolling Stones singer not only inducted the band with an exemplary speech but also performed with The Boss. Shortly after the two, then joined forces once more when the both of them played their part in the ultimate Beatles supergroup alongside Harrison, Starr, Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Jeff Beck and Billy Joel which, unsurprisingly, absolutely tore the house down as did their earlier performance which somewhat flies under the radar because of the latter.

Paul McCartney’s absence over a legal dispute could have loomed large over the evening but, thankfully, Jagger and Springsteen were there to save the day. The collaboration with Jagger was a childhood dream of The Boss’ who has spoken about his admiration of The Rolling Stones in his youth and the footage of the two of them performing a blistering version of ‘Satisfaction’ is an absolute joy. Springsteen is radiating pride as he fails to hide his delight.

Since its 1965 release, the song’s infectious chords and lyrics have taken over everyone who hears it. While Jagger would write the words for the now iconic rock and roll record in the relative comfort of a hotel in Florida four days before the band recorded it, Keith Richards can boast the legendary feat of writing the riffs for the music in his sleep.

The legend goes that Richards recorded a rough version of the riff on a cassette player while in the middle of sleep. When he woke up in the morning the guitarist had no idea he had even written it, he said when he listened to the recording in the morning there was an acoustic riff followed by Richards dropping a pick and “then me snoring for the next forty minutes”.

“I had a fantasy of Mick Jagger getting sick before his show at Asbury Park Convention Hall and the Stones needing me, of course, to get up there and take over, which of course I would do, pimply-faced kid,” Springsteen said to The Sun in 2016.

“And all of the crowd, of course, goes insane and they’re not so anxious to have Mick back. So I was dreaming about that when I was 15. All I wanted initially was just to play rhythm guitar in a nice little local band and have the thrill of being on stage in front of people and knowing a few chords and a few songs,” he added.

When he appeared on the Graham Norton show in 2019, Springsteen reminisced once more about his time as a teenager idolising The Stones who helped introduce him into rock ‘n’ roll, which would be life-affirming. “Every frontman worth his salt has stood in front of a mirror at some point in time whether it’s with a broom or a tennis racket and just moving to 45s in his room. So that was a big part of my studies,” he said on his childhood Mick Jagger impressions.

All that time that Springsteen spent imagining being Mick Jagger as a youngster was finally put to good use when he got to share the stage with him in 1988. Their barnstorming performance of ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ with the Rock Hall band is infectious and seeing these two behemoths of rock come together is beyond captivating.

See it in full, below