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The Rolling Stones album Mick Jagger thinks is "overrated"


Everyone has their own favourite era of The Rolling Stones with each era providing an album you gravitate most intensely towards from their back catalogue. Millions have a fixation with Exile On Main St. yet Mick Jagger doesn’t understand why the record is loved so devoutly and once called it “overrated”.

Although The Stones have several albums that you could make a case for being their best work, it is commonly believed Exile On Main St. is the zenith of their career. It was recorded when the group was going through a tumultuous period, and after becoming tax exiles, they needed to get fans back on their side with an emphatic album.

Exile was recorded over an extended period in exotic locations worldwide, including a villa in Nellcóte, France. The double album boasts 18 tracks, and despite its extended length, it never gets tiresome. In 1995, Jagger gave a rare, candid interview with Rolling Stone, which looked in-depth at his career. The article was carried out over time, and the singer spoke extremely openly, including elucidating on the public’s obsession with Exile.

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“It’s a bit overrated, to be honest,” he said. “Compared to Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet, which I think are more of a piece, I don’t see it’s as thematic as the other two. I’m not saying it’s not good. It doesn’t contain as many outstanding songs as the previous two records.”

Although he did have some positive remarks about the release, and added: “I think it’s kind of sprawling, so that you can always find other little nugget things that you haven’t heard.”

Jagger does seem to like the record, just not as much as everybody else, and few people love it more than his bandmate, Keith Richards. He once was asked to pick his favourite track from the album and said he found it “very difficult for me to pick out one baby from the other.”

“It’s always been a favourite from there,” he said about his eventual choice ‘Tumbling Dice’. Richards continued: “I could play it all night, it’s just got such a nice groove and a flow on it. But (there’s) ‘All Down The Line’, ‘Ventilator Blues’, then there’s lesser-known ones like ‘I Just Want To See His Face’. Once I start, I could name them all. They are all my favourites.”

It takes a ballsy person to disregard their most loved piece of work, and it’s hard to not admire the honesty of the singer’s self-deprecating gesture. By no stretch of the imagination does Jagger’s comments suggest he hates Exile On Main St., but he’s simply more of a Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet man.