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The pyramid tomb Nicolas Cage has made for his eventual death


At this point in film history, there’s not much that Nicolas Cage could do to truly surprise audiences, having taken his idiosyncratic acting identity to every corner of the performance stratosphere. As the most iconic Hollywood peculiarity, Cage occupies a space somewhere in between an acting genius and a self-conscious character who is constantly playing up to his chaotic internet identity. 

An enigmatic and eccentric character, Cage was once named “the jazz musician of actors” by the influential filmmaker and artist David Lynch due to his experimental approach to acting, refusing to abide by the mainstream code of Hollywood. Such performances can be demonstrated throughout the career of Cage from the high-profile collaborations with the likes of the Coen Brothers in Raising Arizona to his bizarre modern take as the superhero Ghost Rider in the Marvel comics adaptation.

Though in contemporary society, Cage is seen as something of a cultural joke, in reality, he is no fool, having worked with the likes of the Coen brothers, John Woo, Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch and Werner Herzog. Defying categorisation, in the modern industry Cage has taken on multiple pieces of mainstream shlock before showing off remarkable performances in films such as Mandy, Pig or the animated classic Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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Such an eclectic choice of film roles join Cage’s increasingly bizarre personal hobbies, with such daily joys including trading rare dinosaur skills in his spare time as well as owning a pet crow named Hoogan. Speaking about his winged friends, Cage reported that the pets had “taken to calling me names,” before adding: “When I leave the room, he’ll say, ‘Bye,’ and then go, ‘Ass’”. Such aspects join together to create the mosaic myth that is Nicolas Cage, an actor of enigmatic tastes who proudly announces, “I am a goth”. 

Cage also has every intention of continuing this mythic persona from beyond the grave, as the actor has prepared an odd pyramid mausoleum for his body to lie in after his death. Purchased from a famed New Orleans graveyard, the empty grave is a nine-foot-tall stone pyramid that stands out in the otherwise traditional space that features the usual crumbling tombstones. Whilst the pyramid is not yet marked with Nicolas Cage’s name in reserve, it is emblazoned with the Latin phrase ‘Omnia Ab Uno,’ which translates into English as ‘Everything From One’.

Though Cage has never commented on the nature of the eccentric tomb, some fans have speculated that it is a homage to the National Treasure franchise, with others suggesting it could link in with the actor’s potential ties to the mysterious (potentially fictitious) Illuminati. What’s more likely is that the peculiar pyramid is merely the latest quirk in the strange life of Nicolas Cage that seemingly just keeps getting weirder.