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The Parrots - To The People Who Showed Me Thier Love While I Was Here

In the dusty plains of a spaghetti western lies the new The Parrots track ‘To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here’, it lays there in a puddle of grimey solitude and troubadour happiness, it’s our Track of the Day. I mean, it had to be right?

Signed up to release their EP Weed For The Parrots on Luv Luv Luv records, which is due out in June, the band are concentrating their Black Lips style garage and adding a little extra granular guitar and some rolling rhythms they have carved themselves a punky little niche on the saloon door.

With all western references aside, the band are really starting to develop their own following and sound. Off the back of Hinds new found fame and the burgeoning Spanish scene The Parrots are staking their claim for their own piece of the prairie – OK one more western reference.

‘To The People..’ is, in essence, about the celebration of living life before it’s too late to let the streamers off. All good things come to an end but let’s make sure that the end is scared of us.

Our thoughts exactly.