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The Parrots Release EP Details


The Parrots, the Madrid based trio of serially stoned, garage rock miscreants have released word of their forthcoming EP Weed For The Parrots which is to be released on Luv Luv Luv Records on 22nd June. But before that they have given us a slice with ‘I’m Not Alone’.

Being in a band can be tough, that’s why when you’re playing the toilet circuit being paid little to nothing, everything you can get your hands on is pent in a second. So why not cut out the middle man and just ask the crowd for drugs. That’s what The Parrots did on their previous tours and that’s what this EP is all about.

The band are breaching the gap between having fun and getting the music right. They are doing it with a smile on their face as well. Now with Hinds also bringing the Madrid flag to the forefront of the music scene, we are predicting a summer of sangria and sore heads courteousy of The Parrots. ‘I’m Not Alone’ just goes to prove it.

Fiesta anyone?

The EP will be available digitally as well as 10” vinyl from Luv Luv Luv and cassette from Burger Records.

24th Manchester, Fuel Cafe
25th Leeds, Gold Sounds
26th Brighton, Green Door Store
27th London, 93 Feet East