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The one artist Roger Daltrey calls "a real singer"

From the moment that English rockers The Who first broke onto the scene in the early 1960s, the band’s frontman, Roger Daltrey, has been one of rock music’s most prominent opinions, not afraid to speak his mind on a variety of topics ranging from international politics to football and even younger generations.

The curly-haired leader of the mod legends owns a sack full of two cents, and he’s happy to give one away to anyone who gives him the time of day.

An outspoken character, closely following his generation’s idea of ‘freedom’, Daltrey is one of the definitive rock gods and has provided many stellar vocal performances over the years, ranging from ‘My Generation’ to ‘Baba O’ Riley’. His powerful, husky voice is one of the most instantly recognisable in the canon of classic rock, and it helped to augment the power of The Who’s music and take their work to a level that surpassed many of their peers. 

Given his status as a musician, this has made Daltrey one of rock’s most eminent historians, even if people do not always agree with his opinion. He’s been there and done it, gone to the very top and rubbed shoulders with some of the other most important figures in the story of rock and roll’s proliferation.

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Duly, once when asked by an interviewer who he believes is the ultimate “rock god”, he gave a fully informed answer and bestowed the title upon none other than the Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant. 

Daltrey proceeded to explain his love for Plant and why the howling Led Zeppelin frontman is his favourite of all time: “I love his solo stuff too, he is always exploring. I love how he uses African influences on his music, that he does solo. He’s never dull. That’s what I like about Robert. He’s got incredible courage.”

Interestingly, when sitting down with Meet My Inspiration in 2021, Daltrey described his love for the man that many regard as the contemporary answer to Robert Plant, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. He showered the Seattle native with so much praise, that he even went as far as to label Vedder “a real singer”.

Daltrey said: “Ed, what can you say about Ed? I love him as a singer, I think he’s got a different quality than anyone else and he’s a real singer, Ed really sings, you know, not just a screamer. Because I’m not a big fan of heavy metal music and all that screaming stuff, I don’t get it, all sounds the same to me (laughs), it’s kind of not music. But Ed is just a wonderful guy, he’s got his feet on the ground. That’s what I like about him and he’s given big support to our charity work.”

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