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The Nude Party are taking us back to brighter days with 'What's The Deal?'

The Nude Party - 'What's The Deal?'

If you’re a lover of garage rock ‘n’ roll then chances are you’re a little starved for your new favourite band. Instead, stuck listening to old records in hopes of a revolution. Well, The Nude Party might be just the ticket and their latest effort ‘What’s The Deal?’, is another reminder of brighter times. It had to be our Track of the Day.

Should you find yourself on the hunt for some ’60s revival sounds then The Nude Party have some more good news as their second Midnight Manor is due out on October 2nd and is packed full of free-loving jams and indisputable charm. The new track is just one more release to confirm the album is more than worth adding to your wishlist.

If you were thinking that The Nude Party were a band not happy with their classification as a garage rock revival act then you’d be dead wrong. The band have often been happy to associate themselves with the groups of the past and even describe this track as “a cross section of 1967 hitting the Stones, Velvet Underground and more, but its raucous vibe belies more serious themes”.

Patton Magee continued to offer up some insight about the song via a press statement: “I was watching a loved one’s mind slowly depart from her brain, year by year. Leaving just scattered fragments of memories and faces. All the mirror-neurons in my head were going haywire, trying to duplicate how it feels to lose your grip on everything.”

Adding: “‘What’s The Deal?’ is trying to make sense of that weird contract forced on us between getting here and going.”

The song is not just a powerful message but a strong statement of intent from the North California band. After releases like the wonderfully appointed ‘Lonely Heather,‘ the hype train is beginning to finally pull out of the station for The Nude Party and this time it’s not all hot air. The band are clearly talented and have one of those things that nobody can teach—uncanny charm.

There’s something supremely listenable about their music, whether it is the golden-hued nostalgia that runs through their music, arguably a point of contention for many music lovers desperate for creative evolution, or just their innate likeability. The fact remains, it’s hard to keep a smile from your face when listening to ‘What’s The Deal?’.

As it’s Friday we’ll skip the charades and just give you ‘What’s The Deal?’ from The Nude Party, a kindly reminder of brighter times.