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The Nude Party get loose on 'Lonely Heather'

The Nude Party - 'Lonely Heather'

Sometimes we all just need to listen to Taylor Swift and shake it all off. But when we say listen to Swifty we mean her words, not her work. The only song you should be listening to right now is The Nude Party’s latest single ‘Lonely Heather’, our Track of the Day.

The new song comes complete with a part-animated, part-filmed video that is as enthusiastic and rhythmically aligned as the song itself. It makes for the perfect midweek shake up and should be played regularly and at increasingly loud volumes.

Nude Party’s frontman Patton said of the track: “Heather is the constant object of unwanted affection, the solitary queen of rejection. She follows the scent of her whims and can’t be bothered by the desires of anyone. The video is inspired by Ralph Bakshi’s New York street animation style, in movies like American Pop, Streetfight, and Heavy Traffic.”

The song is another taste of the upcoming album Midnight Manor which lands on October 2nd and sees The Nude Party once again proving that they’re one of the hottest prospects rock ‘n’ roll has right now. And let us not be dissuaded by pseudo-genre classification, this song is 100% rock ‘n’ roll.

There’s something authentic about their garage rock roots and while you could draw easy comparisons to the effervescent danger of early Rolling Stones tracks, the real joy here is that their output feels fresh as a daisy. ‘Lonely Heather’ is yet another outing of that charming combination.

Flying out the blocks and never really letting up across the short and sharp two-minute run, The Nude Party are proving that the new album is a must-have for any guitar devotee. They represent the best chance of dancing the night away right now and ‘Lonely Heather’ is a guaranteed party-starter, even if it is a Wednesday.

Check out the new video for ‘Lonely Heather’ below: