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The most crucial advice Ozzy Osbourne gives young musicians


Ozzy Osbourne has collated considerable wisdom during his 50 years as a public figure, and he knows the tricks of the rock music trade. He’s seen bands make poor judgement calls and fatal errors, which Osbourne believes can be avoided by one simple step.

Even though he comes off as being borderline nonsensical at times, Ozzy certainly has his wits about him when talking about the music industry. After all, this is all he has known since he heard a record by The Beatles as a child and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to perfecting his craft.

He’s also helpful to young artists, who can rely on him for advice as Osbourne has been there and done it. Yungblud recently spoke about working with Ozzy on the video for his track, ‘The Funeral’, and was told by the Black Sabbath singer: “He said that he saw a lot of himself in me. He said, ‘Never apologise for anything. They will understand you later. Time always tells’.” 

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This incident isn’t the only occasion Osbourne has shared wisdom with young artists, and there’s no complicated formula. According to Ozzy, the most important thing any aspiring artist can do is put the work in and write as much as possible. He once said: “That’s one of the things people always say to me, what advice do I have for up-and-coming artists? And the advice I always give is: if you’re serious, write as much as you can. Because if you do a hit, there’s never enough songs.”

As Osbourne points out, one hit will only get you so far, and you need to build up an extensive back catalogue of tracks. When the iron strikes hot, bands need to be ready to capitalise on the moment and make sure the momentum carries on rolling.

Additionally, Ozzy isn’t like many in rock who cunningly put boundaries in place, preventing their support acts from putting on their best show. Instead, he gives them the floor to do whatever they like and is confident enough in his own abilities he’ll steal the show.

“For every tour, even now, I’m not one of these guys that reads the riot act to support bands,” he explained to MetalHammer. “I don’t say, ‘You can’t be there, you can’t do that.’ I look at it like, it’s a show, it’s not about being on the ‘A Stage’ or ‘B Stage’, it’s just a fucking show. It’s best to be nice rather than be an asshole. To be an asshole you’ve got to have a good memory!”

Although he might come across as one of the most frightful faces in rock, that doesn’t tell the whole story, and there’s a softer side of Ozzy hidden away who is more than happy to be of assistance to younger bands.

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