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The Met Office is predicting a heatwave to hit this year's Glastonbury Festival


Taking place between June 26th and June 30th, fairly near the height of summer, you’d expect Glastonbury to have good weather most years. But, this is the UK, and more often than not we get a combination of every season’s weather for Glasto. However, this year the Met Office has given out a warning of a heatwave for the 2019 event. Take those sunnies to the Pyramid Stage!

The advice is that whether you’re there to see The Cure, The Killers, Stormzy, Lima Gallagher or the host of incredible acts, you best be covered up as there’s a heatwave on the way.

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The Met Office’s Alex Deakin said: “The longer range, three month outlook is suggesting that higher pressure is more likely than lower pressure, and higher temperatures are more likely than lower temperatures.

“A trend towards some finer weather as we go into early summer, but of course, any individual spell of hot weather can’t be forecast at that kind of range. The trend does look dryer than average.”

Accuweather is offering another, cooler, forecast suggesting the festival will remain in the low twenties temperature-wise. However, it did offer one particularly welcomed refrain that it’s predicting a dry festival. Glastonbury is famous for struggling when it’s raining. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for sunny weather!

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