The Memories - Go Down On You


Keeping it light and breezy for Friday’s Track of the Day, Far Out presents ‘Go Down On You’ by The Memories, a Portland USA band just doing it all for the kicks.

‘Go Down On You’, if you haven’t already guessed, is a delightfully tongue in cheek number (no apologies for the phrase) about, as The Memories themselves so plainly put it, “the modern romantic experince” and with that there’s not much more that needs to be said.

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Taken from their latest record release ‘Love Is The Law’, in which a majority of the other tracks carry the same playful vibrations, allow today’s selection the time to put a grin on your face and turn any of the stale energy a week in work, study etc piles on us all as, I’m sure The Memories will admit, is the fundamental reason for the songs creation.

It’s around about now that you might find a few quoted lyrics accompanied by a couple of lines of observation, but to save us all from blushing let’s just leave it to your own discretion and imagination. Hopefully though, for whomever inspired the song, they got a little bit longer than the 60 seconds it takes from start to finish.

So enjoy ‘Go Down On You’ but remember, you should only do it with someone who you really care about.

Joshua Hevicon