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Credit: YouTube / TIME Inc

The Maccabees' Felix White shares playlist ahead of YALA! Records UK tour


The former guitarist and founding member of The Maccabees, Felix White has been the driving force behind a few projects since the band broke up a few years back. Scoring the music for Cricket film The Edge, a loosely-cricket based podcast, and a burgeoning record label. Now, YALA! Records is going on tour.

The guitarist has been driving forward with his record label, which can boast to have hosted some of the country’s brightest indie stars like The Magic Gang, WhenYoung, Egyptian Blue and Wille J Healey. Hosting some incredible events in the nation’s capital over the last few years the label has excelled in all things ‘good times’, and are now taking their show on the road.

“We’ve handpicked a three band bill of new acts that we consider to not just be the most exciting in the country, but who also represent a diverse cross-section of music being made at the moment,” White told NME. “We feel it will be the beginning of something special. Come and join us and celebrate with the best new music around!”

The bands in question are three hot new talents of the indie circuit: Chinatown Slalom, Jacob Slater and ST. MARTiINS who will all take a headline slot as their set positions rotate throughout the tour. We’re pretty confident that if Felix White has vetted them they will all be worthy of that hallowed place on the bill.

Speaking with NME White said about the label’s already successful position in the London nightlife at the Bermondsey Social Club where people “where people come to laugh, dance, and watch new music they know stands a fair chance of being irreplaceable in their record collections in the next year”.

White continued, “We’re proud to be growing it across the country in the image of our South London beginnings. Glasgow and Manchester have both become little hubs for breaking new music but also a rare space where bands and music lovers all congregate simultaneously.”

The tour will see performances at McChuils in Glasgow on December 4th, they then visit YES in Manchester the following evening, finishing in Peckham Audio on the 6th of December. Buy a ticket and it’s Merry Christmas to you from you.

He even went ahead and made a playlist to share with NME. You can hear some of YALA!’s finest talent below.