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(Credit: Thesupermat)


The Libertines dissect debut album 'Up The Bracket'

Tim Burgess has been keeping Twitter alive over the last few weeks with his listening parties of classic albums. It has seen the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Pulp and Blur dissect their albums and last night was The Libertines turn, as they tackled Up The Bracket which didn’t disappoint.

All four members of the band live-tweeted along with fans which gave a plentiful amount of hilarious insights into the recording process of the record, including revelations about The Clash’s Mick Jones addiction to EastEnders and how Pete and Carl competed for the attention of Jones’ daughter.

Peter Doherty shared this about their daily routine throughout recording: “The sessions always had a strict break at 6pm so Mick Jones could watch the last night’s episode of Eastenders which he religiously recorded – we had dinner and played ping pong.”

The former Clash guitarist was a man of many talents as Doherty revealed another one of Jones’ skills, reminiscing: “Begging: Mick Jones made ‘big fat white spliffs’ they looked just like cigarettes in Film noir – i remember him being completely freaked out when our friend ‘Welsh Pete’ (the self-proclaimed biggest Clash fan) came to the studio and showed him his Clash tattoo across his chest.”

Doherty also went on to make this admission whilst discussing ‘Boys In The Band’: “I also remember @carlbaratmusic and I both fancying Mick Jones’ eldest daughter…she said she’d ‘go to the pictures’ with whichever it was out of the two us that recorded the immortal line ‘all so rudimentary’. I do believe it was our first ever full-on fist fight that drew blood….at least until the 2nd album was begun!”

Carl Barat gave some insight into the creative process of ‘Death On The Stairs’ which was just as unconventional as you’d expect, posting: “I was too drunk to stand in the Albion Rooms and @petedoherty made me write a riff to the verse chords, he recorded it on his Nokia 3310 as the answerphone message so’s we were able to remember it the next day and finish the song. The lyrics came from an old poem we wrote and a little added inspiration from the Times Literary supplement we kept next to the toilet.”

Check out the band members’ Twitter timelines for more classic anecdotes such as when Carl dabbled in ‘hard narcotics’ resulting in him turning late to recording which bemused Pete as Barat’s misdeameanor went down comically and didn’t get the level of hostility he recieved on the countless occasions he would be late for similiar reasons.