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The Libertines reveal new Margate studio that doubles up as hotel

The Libertines have today revealed the name of their new hotel/studio in Margate which the band have appropriately named ‘The Albion Rooms’, the legendary four-piece have also announced they have begun work on their fourth album.

Pete, Carl and co. were handed the keys to the Margate premises in September 2017 after planning permission was given the green light despite some resistance from local residents. ‘The Albion Rooms’ occupies a five storey ten room Victorian building overlooking the sea and the famous band stand.

Margate is a classic British seaside resort, particularly popular with Londoners, of late for those looking for sandy beaches and a good knees up. But, Margate also has rich artistic roots and a free spirit that thrives today, embodied by its old town and the Turner Contemporary gallery.

This mix of traditional English charm and modern cool gives it plenty of libertine appeal. Ghostpoet recently started Radio Margate, which gives the town’s new found music scene a home and aims to bring communities together.

Inspired by the celluloid co-habitation antics of the Beatles and the Monkees, Carl, Gary, John and Peter had been seeking a living art space, with guest rooms, a bar and studio. This sounds like it could end up chaotic to say the least.

The band members have already made themselves at home, and have commenced writing their fourth studio album, and promise to invite both fans and press to play a part in the creative process.

The album is scheduled to be released this summer andwill be played back to the media and launched with a party and show at ‘The Albion Rooms.’

The studio will be finished next month and plans for the bar, where you may have Pete Doherty pull you a pint, are underway. Guest rooms all have an apparent distinct Libertines’ style, will open fully after the recording of the new album.