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Listen to The Lazy Eyes dazzling new single ‘Starting Over’

The Lazy Eyes - 'Starting Over'

Sydney psychedelic-pop group, The Lazy Eyes, have released their brand new single, ‘Starting Over’. The single comes as the latest preview of their forthcoming debut album, SongBook. 

The new track follows the singles ‘Fuzz Jam’ (November 2021) and ‘Hippo’ (January 2022), which are also set to feature on the debut album, which will have its full release on April 22nd. On this day, too, the group will embark on their Australian headline tour in support of the album. 

The group’s sound has been compared to that of their Australian neighbours, Tame Impala, and the latest single stands true to that comparison. ‘Starting Over’ seems born out of the influence of Tame Impala’s early 2010s albums while maintaining an identity of its own. Talking about the genesis of the single, vocalist and guitarist Itay Sachar said, “I remember having an inkling for the verse on acoustic guitar and thinking ‘meh’ so I just left it be. After a while though, the song came back to me after jamming on the piano.”

“I fleshed it out (admittedly with some pretty cringe-y lyrics back then) and whipped up a GarageBand demo for the boys. After that, we put it on Soundcloud and it was building some traction… Soon after, we wiped everything in the search for a new start – you could say we were ‘Starting Over’.”

If the initial incarnation was “cringe-y”, as Sachar put it, they managed to oust any remnant of that alleged persuasion in the final cut. The song comes as an uplifting neo-psychedelic beauty that lingers in mind long after the listen. 

The new track is accompanied by a fittingly trippy music video put together by Jesse Taylor Smith, who also produced the clips for ‘Where’s My Brain???’ and ‘Nobody Taught Me’. The blurred aesthetic was apparently achieved by Smith’s ingenious idea of smearing the camera lenses with Vaseline – I hope it wasn’t too difficult to wash off!

Reflecting on the conceptual side of the video, Smith said: “I was inspired by ’80s portrayals of Ancient Rome and wanted to explore the concept of starting over using repetition and rhythm. The band were super receptive to my idea, so I smeared a heap of Vaseline on my lenses, fired up a fog machine and prepared to start again and again and again.”

Listen to The Lazy Eyes’ dazzling new single, ‘Starting Over’, below.