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Credit: Abby Gilliardi/SxAnthony


Watch Alex Turner’s cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’


Is there anything better than two of your favourites coming together in one place? Well, yes actually, the two technically still have to be compatible; I love chocolate and pizza but never the twain shall meet. Fortunately, Alex Turner’s cover of Tame Impala straddles the fabled middle ground—you wouldn’t imagine that the psychedelic anthem that is ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ would transpose beautifully to the acoustic, but Turner wills it home in typical singularly swaggering style.

As it happens, there is also a pretty direct link between the two acts too. As Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker revealed in an interview with Beats 1, the pair actually live down the street from each other. “I was in his pool the other day. He wasn’t there at the time,” Parker said, before joking: “I didn’t jump his fence… Yeah. Jumped the fence. No, I didn’t.” 

This was from back in 2020, and Alex Turner has spent a lot of time in the UK away from Los Angeles of late. However, many have speculated about whether the proximity of the two modern luminaries has led to a possible collaboration on Arctic Monkeys forthcoming album.

Further adding to this speculative pipedream is that the love-in is clearly mutual, with Turner remarking in a 2018 interview also with Beats 1: “I’d love to float with Kevin. I think he’s brilliant. No doubt about that.” That is, provided he doesn’t mean purely floating in the pool with him. 

As a huge admirer of Turner’s work, Parker has revealed that it is certainly something he’d be open to in the past. He even opined that he is in awe of the Sheffield frontman, describing him as being “in another league” as a songwriter. Before coyly adding, “he can’t play drums as good as me.” Clearly, based on the results of this cover and patently obvious signs, there is no doubt that the pairing of Parker’s singular sound and Turner’s musical magic would come together to create something magnificent.

For this beauty from Australian radio station Triple J’s classic feature ‘Like a Version’, Turner distils the swirling sound of the perfect original down to an almost Dylanesque sauntering acoustic piece. What’s more, it’s far from an easy track to sing in a stripped back fashion but Turner’s vocals soar without ever straining. In short, the whole thing is a classic that leaves us chomping at the bit for the imminent Arctic Monkeys release. Stay tuned…