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The Lathums to takeover Far Out's Instagram account for the first live show of 2021


Over the weekend, something extraordinary is happening; live music is returning. It’s a day we’ve all been patiently waiting for, and now it feels as though the first steps towards bringing music in its purest form back to the people who love it most are being pressed firmly into the green grass of Britain.

In a new trial, a government-supported scheme sees a host of shows take place across the city of Liverpool, and The Lathums have agreed to give us exclusive access through Far Out’s Instagram account.

Yesterday, we saw one sight we’ve all been waiting for; queues. This time, not for bread or toilet roll, but to get into a gig. The First Dance saw a day rave take place with over 3,000 attendees with no social distancing and no masks — and it was simply joyous. Today will see another day rave take place as scientists and officials aim to gather evidence on how festivals and music venues may open in the summer.

Now, The Lathums, alongside Stockport’s own Blossoms and Liverpool native Zuzu, will be delivering a rip-roaring set for the eagerly awaiting audience to bring a little rock and roll to proceedings. Buoyed by the happy faces we’ve seen over social media; we expect this to be a triumphant gig.

“Until the gates opened, and the first person walked on to the dancefloor, I didn’t know that the event was actually going to happen,” said Yousef, the producer and DJ at the helm of Circus, the events company who put on The First Dance. It’s likely a feeling that surrounds the organisers of the Sefton Park show that will take place on Sunday but it’s a key part of getting us all back on our feet.

The official website for the show reads: “Sefton Park Pilot is an official trial event, part of the Government’s Events Research Programme (ERP). Attendees will play a vital role in this science-led research that will provide key data to support the reopening of live events and venues.”

Attended only by Liverpool City residents and once they have given a negative COVID test, the show is likely to be not only the first of 2021 but one of the most memorable of The Lathums’ growing career.

Of course, we’re bummed not to be there ourselves but we’re excited to be sharing the experience with the band and our readers via our Instagram and Facebook pages, giving you all access to the landmark event as it goes down.