(Credit: The Killers)


The Killers release new song 'My Own Soul's Warning'


The Killers have released their brand new single ‘My Own Soul’s Warning’.

The new song, which is set to appear on the band’s upcoming album Imploding the Mirage, is the latest track to be released from the new record.

Following the previously released efforts ‘Caution’, ‘Fire in Bone’ and ‘Blowback’, the new track sees the band ramp up excitement around the record which was due to arrive on May 29th. However, like a most releases in the current climate, the official date has been delayed.

“A lot of moments reminded me of making our first album, where you just know that it’s going to connect because of the way it makes you feel,” Flowers told Rolling Stone of the record. “I felt like that 20-year-old kid almost inventing something again.”

The new track is ’80s inspired with a driving drum beat and accompanying synth additions: “Cutting up the nights like a goddamn knife,” Flowers sings. “And it got me thinking no matter how far/I just wanted to get back to where you are,” he continues.

Stream the track, below.