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(Credit: The Joy Formidable)


The Joy Formidable share latest single 'Chimes'

The joy Formidable - 'Chimes'

Welsh alternative rockers, The Joy Formidable, have shared the latest single, ‘Chimes’, from their upcoming fifth studio album Into the Blue. It’s the band’s third preview of the album after dropping the singles ‘Back to Nothing’ and the album’s title track.

With thoroughly fuzzy guitar tones and some thunderous drum work, the only thing that remotely works with the song’s title is the occasional soaring melodies. Otherwise, ‘Chimes’ is classic Joy Formidable: loud, catchy, powerful and deliriously fun rock and roll that sounds explosive and custom made for the largest of live venues.

That fun wasn’t exactly the song’s starting point, however. “I was at a low point just prior to writing this record,” lead singer Ritzy Bryan explained. “I was going through a difficult breakup that left me feeling quite lost and questioning myself.”

“In the middle of that sadness, I had a whole week of strange little serendipitous events that ended up inspiring the lyrics for ‘Chimes’,” Bryan continued. “I felt like something or someone was looking out for me. Little signs and symbols that makes you feel like there’s a lot that we don’t understand about our connectivity, the earth talking back to you.”

As it turns out, the titular chimes have a strong personal connection to Bryan, both physically and symbolically. “The wind chimes that my grandfather made (he passed in 2013), they hang at my house here in Utah,” Bryan says. “They’ve come all the way from Manchester, UK to the SW desert. They would ring even without a breeze. I imagined that he was rooting for me to move forward, to trust in things again and that the love you put out will eventually come back to you.”

Check out the audio for ‘Chimes’ down below. Into the Blue will be released on August 20.