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(Credit: The Joy Formidable)


The Joy Formidable share new song 'Back To Nothing'


The Joy Formidable have announced the release of their latest album, Into the Blue, and are now previewing the album with a new single, ‘Back To Nothing’.

“Back To Nothing takes a stance on self-compassion,” the band explain in a press release, “Realising your worth and your boundaries and deciding not to give your love to an undeserving other.”

I love The Joy Formidable. Back in 2011, I got to see The Joy Formidable play the gigantic Capital One Arena in D.C., back when it was still the Verizon Center, as a supporting act for the Foo Fighters on the latter’s tour to promote their seventh studio album, the awesome Wasting Light.

Side note: I will not stomach any Foo Fighters slander around these parts. Call me a philistine all you want, but the Foos are a great rock band and Wasting Light is a great album. It was made in a garage, as all rock and roll records should be. ‘White Limo’ is killer punk rock flamethrower of a song. ‘Bridges Burning’ is an awesome opener. ‘Walk’ is one of the best Foo Fighters songs ever. I will die on this hill and will not even bother trying to look cool doing it.

Anyway, back to The Joy Formidable. I should comp to the fact that, in truth, I only saw about seven minutes of The Joy Formidable before they packed up and were replace by Social Distortion (side note: Social Distortion… wait, I’m getting distracted. I’ll save this rant for another day). But in those seven minutes, with a wash of loud, fuzzy, almost shoegaze guitars and delicately beautiful vocals melodies, I was thoroughly impressed and decided to become a fan, which is where I’ve stayed nearly a decade later.

Long story short: ‘Back To Nothing’ is awesome. The Joy Formidable are awesome. Foo Fighters are awesome. They should tour together again. I would pay way too much to see that.

Check out ‘Back To Nothing’ down below. Into the Blue is set for an August 20 release.