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(Credit: Wikimedia)


The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are over, confirms bandleader

Jon Spencer, from The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, has called time on the band. “I thought people knew. I didn’t want to make a big announcement about it just in case something changed. What’s the point of saying, ‘Never again’?” Spencer said during a recent appearance on the Kreative Kontrol podcast.

Spencer pointed out that guitarist Judah Bauer began experiencing health issues around the time of swansong album Freedom Tower in 2015. Spencer claims that the guitarist began developing respiratory problems, which made it trickier for him and the band to travel.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Spencer pointed out that although he considers the band defunct, he hastens to say they are finished forever. “Never say never,” he added.

The power trio – Spencer, Bauer and Russell Simins – declared their intentions to take an extended break from music in 2016. Spencer hinted at the breakup in 2018, during an interview with Louder, but this might be the first time the frontman has publicly admitted to the end of the group in question. The interview with Kreative Kontrol showed the vocalist in a more enlightened plane, as he showed his gratitude for the career and legacy the band had, but it was time for him to walk down a newer, more solitary path for himself.

The band’s music was used during the inventive opening montage to Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver. The film is suffused with music, which was part of the reason why Jamie Foxx joined the production. Quentin Tarantino vouched for Wright, and Foxx duly appeared in the film as part of the ensemble cast.

The scene in question has Ansel Elgort driving at speed to the beats of the band blasting in his ear. Wright developed the idea for Baby Driver, when he listened to Orange (1994), the band’s fourth studio album.

During repeat listenings, Wright began picturing montages of speed chases and car rides, detailing what was to become his American adventure movie. The film bustles along, capturing a certain turbo charged energy that matches the rhythm of the rock track it is playing. The film was released in 2017.