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The Italian film that will stay with Debbie Harry "forever"


Blondie’s Debbie Harry is truly an icon of punk, style, and women in rock music. Even in 2015, she gave an interview with Marie Claire in which she was described as the “coolest woman on the planet”. 

When it comes to style icons, it girls, and even punk rock idols, we can often expect that we know everything there is to say about their tastes and inspirations. Debbie Harry is someone with a very specific image, and that kind of thing has the power to extend past style and even musical identity. 

In the interview for Marie Claire, Harry revealed a lot of her favourite things, both expected and unexpected, and how she stays the “coolest woman on the planet”. As an icon of the 1980s, the rundown of everything from her favourite perfume to the finer moments of Italian cinema is discussed. It included Harry picking out a classic of the latter genre as a movie that will stay with the artist forever.

“Some films stay with you forever,” says the singer, acknowledging the power of art in any form. “For me,” she continued, “it’s Juliet of the Spirits. I love fantasy films and novels.” The ‘Call Me’ vocalist picked out one of Federico Fellini’s more unique offerings. Famed for his work with 8 1/2, La Strada, and arguably one of the finest pictures ever made in La Dolce Vita, Fellini’s filmography is brimming with potency.

 Juliet of the Spirits is a 1965 drama that involves getting in touch with ghosts and spirits. It stars Giulietta Masina and Mario Pisu as the husband and wife around which the story centres. The storyline begins with the husband’s behaviour becoming strange, and eventually, they try to conduct a seance. 

As part of the same question, Harry proved that it wasn’t only classic cinema that interests her as she picks out the 2014 film Jake Gyllenhaal film Nightcrawler as a new favourite. Harry even likened the picture to Taxi Driver, as the modern thriller centres around Lou Bloom (played by Gyllenhaal) and the events that occur when he begins to capture things on video all around him.

Debbie Harry certainly has an interesting taste in all things art. Never one to stick with only the golden ages of rock and roll, cinema or photography, Harry has always looked forward. The same can be said of her style, her music, and everything she creates.