The Horrors - So Now You Know


The Horrors have revealed their new song ‘So Now You Know’, the second instalment from the forthcoming album Luminous.

Last month, teaser track ‘I See You’, a seven-and-a-half minute psychedelic anthem put the Horrors typically on trend as usual despite not necessarily living up to the ‘weirder, wilder and more colourful’ sound the band had promised.

Having said that, ‘I See You’ is a superb track only further enhancing the vast amount of adaptability this band possesses and Far Out Magazine’s Track of the Day ‘So Now You Know’ further confirms those suspicions.

Faris Badwan’s vocals lead the way in what is a far more personal, vulnerable side to The Horrors supported by obscure synth throughout. Just from the two releases it appears Luminous warrants the hype surrounding a band that is showing supreme music maturity and the ability to push their sound to new levels.

‘We’ve refined our sound,” affirms frontman Badwan, “In terms of songwriting it is the record I’m happiest with.” Or, in the words of bass player Rhys Webb, “it’s not so much about heavier guitars as a heavier potency, we want to make music you can dance to, music that elevates”.

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