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Track of the Day: Patrick T. Davies - Mob Rule Britannia

What better way could Far Out mark this momentous milestone of matrimony (can you detect the sarcasm?) than with something brand new that takes a suitably irreverent sideswipe at British nationalism and the monarchy.

Manchester-based performance poet Patrick T. Davies gave us the video for his debut track ‘Mob Rule Britannia’ just in time for the big occasion – and we couldn’t help but have it as our Track of the Day this fine Saturday.

It’s what can only be described as a downtrodden approach to dealing with the royal hysteria. Set to a pulsating electro loop, Davies delivers a 4-minute torrent of spoken word exploring the royal tabloid fixation, misplaced national pride and ever-aggressive British attitudes to immigration.

So for a wedding party that’s all-together a little more thoughtful, check out the video for ‘Mob Rule Britannia’ below and get the track as a free download via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.