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(Credit: AirBnb)


The iconic 'Home Alone' house is available to rent on Airbnb


Ever wanted to “make your family disappear” like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone? We hope not, but fans of the original 1990 Christmas classic are certainly one step closer to living out movie fantasies, with the original Home Alone house up for rent on Airbnb. 

Offering a one-night-only rental of the iconic cinematic home in Winnetka, Illinois, the lucky guests of the McCallister family home will even be hosted by Kevin’s older brother, Buzz. “Though we’re older and wiser now (I’ve even got my own security firm), we’re never too old for holiday hijinks,” the playful description of the rental reads, with the property owner listed as Kevin McCallister’s intimidating older brother with a small profile picture. 

“So while we’re away on vacation (all of us, this time), I’m inviting one crew of mischief makers to let their inner eight-year-olds run free in my childhood home on December 12th,” the description further details. Buzz, played by Devin D. Ratray in the original film, reprised his role in the sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York as well as the modern reimagining of the story in Home Sweet Home Alone on Disney+ co-starring with Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney. 

The special Airbnb listing will raise funds for Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital, which is “dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life for each of its patients with complex conditions, disabilities, and chronic illness”.

With bookings becoming available on December 7th at 2pm EST, those eager to stay the night will have to contend with many others baying for slots on the limited days available. The staying certainly sounds like an unmissable spectacle of movie magic, with the description further adding, “After you’ve worked up an appetite, you can feast on all the comfort food your hearts desire, including plenty of Chicago’s finest pizza and a candlelit dinner of microwavable Kraft Macaroni & Cheese”. 

Let’s hope the Wet Bandits don’t make an appearance.